Nature Pure Supercriticals Pvt Ltd. was established in 2008. The next logical step for a company already established in the food ingredients business is to bring all its companies under one umbrella. The world is also changing trends and focus is now more on how to decrease the CO2 footprint and a gradual shift towards environmental friendly measures. The time is ripe to establish a Supercritical Fluid Extraction plant that uses only carbon dioxide to purify / extract plant products at unprecedented levels of purity. The demand is picking up recently, because countries around the world are putting up strong barriers to contaminated foods. There is a yearning for simple foods as they existed in the past, before the time of large-scale preprocessed packaged foods. The Paleo diet takes it to the extreme, suggesting that we should go back to the age when humans lived in caves.

In 2008, when it was set up, Nature Pure found the market challenging. Markets are constantly evolving and when Nature Pure set up shop in Kerala, there were few institutional buyers who were willing to pay the premium for the purity that Nature Pure produces. Sometimes pure staying power makes the difference between success and failure, much like sometimes a surfer has to wait for the right wave.

Interestingly, Nature Pure was built on the investments from friends and relatives, a testimony of the faith placed on the Directors and their management abilities by those who know them best. Today Nature Pure is gearing up to put its infancy behind it and move on towards adulthood. To take on the world with world class manufacturing, R&D, global reach and fulfilment capacities.